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Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation at MTNL Training Centre

Sl No


Rate without catering facility

Rate with Menu A (veg)

Rate with Menu B (non-veg)

1 AC Single Occupancy Rs.1900/- per day per person +ST* Rs.2125/- per day per person +ST* Rs.2225/- per day per person +ST*
2 AC Double Occupancy Rs.2350/- per day for two persons +ST* Rs.2800/- per day for two persons +ST* Rs.3000/- per day for two persons +ST*
3 Non AC Single Occupancy Rs.1250/- per day per person +ST* Rs.1475/- per day per person +ST* Rs.1575/- per day per person +ST*
4 Non AC Double Occupancy Rs.1700/- per day for two persons +ST* Rs.2150/- per day for two persons +ST* Rs.2350/- per day for two persons +ST*


Check out time 10.00 hrs

*Service Tax @14%.

Cancellation Charges:

a) Cancellation charge is flat 10% of the difference of the initial booking amount as per PI and the consumed / utilized amount at the end of the program, as per Final Invoice. This is applicable only to this category, i.e. Hostel facilities utilized by the Government Institutions without availing training facilities.

b) However Cancellation charges shall not be applied, if Cancellation of Booking is informed in writing by the Client, 10 days in advance from the date of occupancy or if facility utilized / consumed amount is not less than 90% of booking amount.

Contact Person: Ms. Meghana Sawant Bansode
Tel: 022-25707878
Mobile: 9969190555

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